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The Demi-God Experience

Find Yaself , Or Drive Yaself Crazy [Full Numerology Reading)

Find Yaself , Or Drive Yaself Crazy [Full Numerology Reading)

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You don't have to lie, you been driving yourself crazy. Figuring out who you are, whats your purpose, how to maneuver in this thing we call life. We call it an existential crisis but it's not a crisis at all, we all have these thoughts. But very few actually make moves to figure out the answers to these questions without going crazy first. 

Numerology is the scientific study & belief that numbers carry their own system, frequency, & meaning. & that EVERYTHING can be reduced down to a single digit (or double digit Master Number). Using your full name & birthday, I can give you a full rundown on who you are, your purpose in life, challenges you may face, & what this year & next year will hold for you.



Full Numerology Includes:

  • Life Path Number
  • Expression Number
  • Soul Urge Number
  • Personal Month & Year
  • Audio of Relaxing Music or Chakra Meditation Music

*Please allow up to 24 hours for an email to start the reading process once purchased*

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