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The Demi-God Experience



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Now you know your home is your safe space, right? Probably got crystals all around the house, all that, right? Okay, so what happens when you leave the house? That feeling doesn't really hit the same. Get you some crystal pendant necklaces so you can feel how you need to feel, wherever you go. We got a choice of 8 crystal pendants so you can get right WHEREVER.


Black Agate - Promotes Prosperity & Courage

Red Jasper - Encourages Courage, Grounding, Boosts Physical & Sexual Energy

Amethyst - Stimulates Creativity, Enhances Intuition & Psychic Abilities, Excellent for Meditation

Tiger's Eye - Brings Good Luck, Protection, Gets Rid of Fear & Anxiety

Rose Quartz - Self Healing & Self Love, Universal Love, Gets Rid of Negativity, & Encourages Forgiveness

Opalite - Brings Calm & Balance, Improves Communication, Improves Self-Esteem & Self Worth

Lapis Lazuli - Promotes Wisdom, Kindness & Love, Provides Protection, Boost Peace & Harmony

Green Aventurine - Boost Creativity, Increases Motivation, Aids in Protection, Can Help Manifest Prosperity & Wealth

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