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The Demi-God Experience

Your Chakras Need a Reset

Your Chakras Need a Reset

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If you're tapped in, you know when your chakras are overworked or just straight up closed! But if you're a beginner, you just have a feeling that something is wrong. It's probably your Chakras, it needs to reset & balance. This 7-piece set helps you to bring your chakras back to where they need to be.

Place the stones on the area of the chakra you want to balance.


Amethyst - Balances your Crown Chakra & develops your intuition

Blue Lapis - Unblock & balance the Throat Chakra to help you express yourself

Green Aventurine - Balances the Heart Chakra

Yellow Jasper - Balances your Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange Aventurine - Balances the Sacral Chakra & brings creativity

Red Jasper - Balance the Root Chakra

Clear Quartz - Balances & stimulates the Third Eye & Crown Chakra. Clear Quartz can be used to charge your other stones.

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